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Shops & Eateries

- We are offers coffee shops and chocolate shop ( Pachannelle ). - All waiting areas are supported by snakes and beverages shops - Main restaurant is located in the ground floor and available 7 days/ week and delver hot and cold food and beverages


- Wadi El Neel Pharmacy is proud to have a specialized and qualified staff whom are implementing the international standards in the medication system , either for chemotherapy or organs transplantation or other major surgeries . - our pharmacy is serving all OP and IP customers and our pharmacists are capable to apply the (TPN ) total parental nutrition for inpatients .

Information technology

In wadi El Neel Hospital we believe in Information's and technology's power and how it can facilitate our day to day business and support our staff member to achieve hospital goals. - We are applying the latest hospital information system aiming to save and secure our patients data and secure their medical records in in the other side provides hospital managements with the required information to guarantee effective integrated system between hospital departments. - IT server and related programs are continuously updated to assure high quality level to serve doctors, admin , nurses and technicians . - Strong IT system and electronic patients records to support medical information's flow inside and outside hospital


Wadi El Neel Hospital have a big parking building - 15 floors with a capacity of more than 350 cars , the building are fully secured 24 hours by cameras to secure our guests belongs. - All Parking facilities can be used by paying 5 LE for the whole day and the building is linked to the main hospital building and wheel chairs are available for patients needs with total land area 18750 Square meters